November 14th is the World Diabetes Day. Run from November 14th to 18th to support a good cause and participate in a global race that you can run from wherever you are and whenever you want.

Choose the distance - 2, 5 or 10 kilometers - and run with your favorite running app within the hours that the race is open. Share your photos and videos on Social Media using the hashtag #diabetesactiva and be part of a community related to diabetes, sport and healthy living habits.

Step by step

1. Join the race and download Runator

Sign up in the race and download Runator from Google Play or Apple Store and log-in with your user.

2. Run with Runator or any other running app

The race day you can use Runator or sync your favorite running app or gps watch.

3. Share and print your bib number

You're ready to run! Print your bib number and share it on the social networks (Facebook, Twitter o Instagram) using as hashtag #diabetesactiva.

4. Run

Run 2, 5 or 10k wherever you are! Whether you are in Barcelona, Beijing or Quito add your kilometers with Lilly and Runator.

Diabetes Activa II

Diabetes Activa II took place in November 2017 coinciding with the World Diabetes Day.

More than 3.900 participants took part in this race. Let's top it this year!

Why do we run for?

Diabetes is a lifetime challenge for those who have to live with it. Lilly has accompanied them throughout this journey since we launched the first insulin in the market in 1923.

Since then, we have made a lot of progress in this field and we are very proud to be an active part in the improvements of this journey named diabetes. We have developed innovative drugs that were able to simplify diabetes and allowed the designing of custom treatments based on each patient needs. We have helped decrease the difficulties associated with it and in consequence have helped improve the life quality of the people with diabetes.

Our involvement goes way beyond commercialize innovative products. We believe in the prevention and awareness to stop the XXI century epidemic. That is why creating awareness and encouraging healthy living habits are part of our daily priorities.

There are multiple initiatives during the year in order to accomplish this goal, but for November 14th, World Diabetes Day, we gathered our efforts and came up with a unique initiative; The #diabetesactiva race.

Why do we say it is unique? Because it proves the special relationship Lilly has had for 95 years with diabetes.

Diabetes is a global epidemic, it doesn't understand nationalities. Then why wouldn’t we allow people from everywhere in the world to be part of this race?

Everybody runs this race at their own pace. Then why wouldn’t we allow everyone to choose with whomever they want, wherever in the world they want and the preferred distance they want to run?

We know the journey does not end here, but every kilometer that we add will inspire us to keep on working for people with diabetes.
In the diabetes journey, every step counts. Are you ready to be active?

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